Your Wedding - Your choice of music - Your Way

Our specialty is wedding entertainment.
We work with you to create your vision for your special day.
We program your select music to create the prefect atmosphere.
We then beatmix the tunes to get everyone onto the dance floor.


Our goal is to entertain you and your guests with awesome music.
We set the mood, our DJ's know what to play and when to play it.
Playing the right music at the right time makes all the difference.


Our service includes consultation with you to make sure it happens just as you plan.
We offer our expertise to make sure your idea's work.
We have over 100,000 tunes in our playlist and if we do not have it we will get it.
We also cater to all musical genres: from classical to Top40, RNB, funk, jazz and old school.


Most of the weddings we do cover a broad age group of guests,
hence we make sure our DJ's have the musical knowledge and experience to know
what is currently hip and on top of the charts
to what was cool and groovy from the 40's to 90's.


We also have specialist DJ's who are well versed in ethnic/world music;
Greek, Arabic, Italian, Spanish/Latin, Persian, Croatian, Russian, Chinese and Thai.
We only use quality audio and lighting equipment and offer packages to suit all budgets

All our DJ's are: